lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Dubstep Futuristico....

Microstep e.p. di Kristian Fumei aka State of Bass...Dubstep ispirato all'Arte dei Rumori di Russolo...

Microstep is a style of Dubstep developed between 2009 and 2011 by the Italian Dubstep artist State of Bass.
Microstep has its roots in the minimal techno, glitch and 2step (all developed in the early 90's), and Dubstep (developed in the-00's) genres of music. Its first echoes appeared in the Dubstep e.p. Darkdub released with the label JopStepDivision by State of Bass which is an artist influenced by the music concepts found in the Futurist manifesto "The Art of Noises" , and was defined with the release of the 2011 e.p. Micro-Dubstep, which can be considered a sound manifesto for the genre.
Micro Dubstep/Microstep strips Dubstep down to a more minimal and sparse aesthetic, in the same vein as microhouse. Its relationship to Dubstep and 2step music can be compared to the relationship between minimal techno and the harder techno genres. Like Dubstep, Microstep is built around 140/145 bpm and features 2step or half time Dubstep rythms and heavy basslines. A noticeable difference between Microstep and Dubstep is the replacement of typical kick drums, hi-hats and other drum machine samples with clicks, static, glitches, and small bits of noise.
One characteristic feature of Micro Dubstep/Microstep is the use of sampling: extremely short ('micro') samples of the human voice, musical instruments, everyday noises and computer created wave patterns are arranged to form complex melodies. Vocals in Micro Dubstep are often simplistic, nonsensical, and monotone in nature.

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