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The Italian Futurism for Zoltan Istvan: Zoltan is Message and Massage

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2016 Transhumanism Manifest  
The Italian Futurism for Zoltan Istvan: Zoltan is Message and Massage*

In the name of Italian Futurism (literary group), since long time really (Transvision 2010, Milano)
synergetic to  Transhumanist Movement, are declaring  without any doubt, our total an unconditionated adhesion to American  Transhumanist Party and his great leader Istvan Zoltan promoted with a very effective mediatic campaign . Paraphrasing the most famous slogan of Marshall McLuhan, and his own  net-cultural successor Derrick de Kerckhove: “Zoltan is Message (and Massage)”. So Zoltan is Message (and Massage) We wish answer in this way to certain International and especially english Transhumanism which  in these days are taking  position   against  Zoltan candidate for President in  USA Elections  2016 with a petition and an official  "manifest "of English Transhumanist Party.  The problem is which isn’t a question of   different opinion in Transhumanist movement, but unfortunately there are political dynamics and polemics which We, as Italians , known very well  , typical of passatist parties and istitutions, except maybe partially,  Five Stars Movement of Comedian  Beppe Grillo (.and movement of the web still primitive ...). In fact if there were only some divergence rather American Transhumanist Party of  Zoltan Istvan, transhumanists "antitranshumanists"  wouldn’t promoted a petition , or wrote an specific English "manifest" against Zoltan : 1. Instead they would be limited themselves to comunicate their critics and divergences 2. Then English Transhumanist Party wouldn’t revenged his traditional structure (registered) against the brave and revolutionary 2.0  choice   Zoltan’s Istvan movement. 3. Then they would had manifested agreement of program of American Transhumanist Party and confirmed their sustain of Zoltan Istvan for President in   USA Elections 2016. As We are brightly declaring in our Italian Counter-Manifest. Naturally, for extreme exigency of transparence and really multitasking democratic in Transhumanist International Movement all voices ,included those of people which signed a petition and all others which manifested their doubts, throw the English Transhumanist Manifest, about the presidential candidature in USA Elections 2016 of Zoltan, remained valid and  over the cultural e scientific levels. By the way, in order of our opinion, petition and English manifest are simply relevant politic and mediatic errors caused from an old nasty and harmful political practice. In favor of this thesis, Istvan has explained during an interview (by R. Guerra) the number very tiny of petition subscribers, absolutely not interesting and relevant in debate about a very important political elections (So both, the English petition and manifest are real political novices  proof!!!).
We will repeat Zoltan is Message and Massage! (3.0). 

* (translate-traduzione di R. Galante)


Roby Guerra, writer and blogger - Lorenzo Barbieri writer and sociologist - Pierfranco Bruni writer and director archaeologist *del MIBACT (Ministero Italiano Beni Culturali) - Sandro Battisti science fiction writer - Antonio Saccoccio writer and netfuturist -Emmanuele Pilia architect and curator ALTA laboratory transarchitettura - Giancarla Parisi Contemporary Artist - Cristiano Rocchio writer and philosopher - Pierluigi Casalino writer - Raimondo Galante writer 

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