lunedì 2 gennaio 2012


Effluvuia recordings review:

A big gaping smile today from Effluvia! A new atmosphere has hit the limelight from the simmering wings and oh how the crowds will go while. Only about ten minutes long, this album will toss you like a salad. The works of Tommaso Busatto have a profound way of throwing your ears into a state of absolute involvement. Directions that split and merge in such a way as to make every move difficult to predict, yet often embodying this feeling in drone and noise movements. This, however, does it no justice. Why? Because one of my favorite things about Busatto is the wholly original language with which he speaks through his sounds. Expressive, but not in a way words can tackle. Encompassing, yet not in the same was as conversation, rather contemplation. Contemplate these tracks, these synth soundscapes, these dense kaleidoscope of sporadic, flawless composition. Quick, but not a quick digestion. Enjoy your mind breaking this down in your fading mind like your breakfast this morning. This here is the most important Yogi sleepscape meditative introspection meal of the day! Thank you for all you’ve done for the noise community with your noise community and your wonderful albums!

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