lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Z̤͔͚͈̥E̬̦̱͈̮͍̮͕N͓͙̭I̲̣͈̟̰ṮA̜̰̬̼̤̬L̯̰̺̲ ̳̩̙̻͈T͓͍̰̘̱̲̪̩̞A̝̻̮P̰̻̣͍E̠ - Hal McGee + Stefano Balice

Stefano Balice recorded two 30-minute 

microcassettes October-November 2012 
in Givoletto, Italy - street workers, playground, 
monotron, metro, metal gate, cars, bus, 
flea market, barbie bontempi keyboard's glitches 
(during bending), bells, friends talking, a goat, 
domestic tools, circuit bent SK1, glass bottles, 
my angry girlfriend, dogs, my cat, supermarket, 
telephone interferences, daily noises. 

Hal McGee recorded a 60-minute microcassette 
April 2013 in Gainesville, Florida, USA - 
talking with neighbors & co-workers, spoken 
found texts from posters & leaflets & fortune 
cookies, shortwave radio, vaporized FM radio 
(bent by Stefano), phone conversations & voice 
mails, Casio VL-1, Noisemusick app, dogs, 
grocery store, circuit bent SK-1, my pocket, 
bells, my brother playing congas. 

Hal mixed the microcassettes together through 
a mini-mixer connected to a Zoom H2 recorder. 
During the mix of B2, the signal faded before 
the ends of the tapes and then the H2 died. 
Stefano and Hal accepted the vaporized choice 
of the H2.

Available on cassette and CD-R 

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